Where Should I Start?

First of all, you can fill out the form on the right and send us the current photo of your hair (Front, Top, Back, Side)..


4 Stars hotel, translator, VIP transfer, medications, shampoo and hair lotion or hair cream, 1 time PRP tretment and maxim root implant for 2500euro without plane ticket

Health problems and medications

For patients with AIDS, hepatitis B the operation is not suitable for them. Nurses and doctors should be told if there is any medications used before the operation

Befor the operation in one day

Avoid alcohol and cigarette smoking

What should i wear in the process

The type of shirt is wide and comfortable to open from the front and but not removed from the neck

Equipment before operation

Before talking with our doctor, blood tests and anterior hair drawing

Apply the solution on the hair

It is applied to the planting area very quietly and is distributed by touching the fingertips and waiting for 45 minutes.

Apply the shampoo

First by touching the area of the soft compasses, then we wash your hair gently.


Touch with soft fingers hands with warm and fresh water


Professionally wipe the head with a mop specially for hair

After the hair transplantation 1 day

The inflatable neck pillow that was given to you to pass the hair transplant is carefully passed around your neck. 45 degrees perpendicular to the right, left and right to sit as long as the condition is provided, never lie on the face.

Day 1

اMedications offered to you, change the initial bandage, take off the bandage

Day 2

We also showed you the first washing

Day 3


Day 4


Day 5


Day 10

Wash the straw-covered areas gently to remove the implanted grafte

After the next few days

Other days to send photos and inform us of developments


Hair and Beard Transplantation
Application Form

    Please Attach All Angled Photos of Your Hair and / or Beard

    Where to begin

    Please send us the process you want to use by using the form on the right or write directly via Whatsapp, then our experts will contact you.


    You will get the most favorable price according to the procedure.

    Health problems and medications

    Weight Height Age Sugar Hypertension Hepatitis B and pregnancy should be reported to our experts.

    Befor the operation 1 day

    Avoid alcohol and drugs.

    What do I wear in the operation

    Comfortable sportswear

    Preparations before the operation

    Blood tests with an anesthesiologist and surgeonBlood tests with an anesthesiologist and surgeon


    Plastic Surgery Application Form

      Max. 15MB, 10 Files, JPG or PDF

      Where do I start

      After checking the panorama of the teeth you will send us, you will be given free of charge any type of treatment plan and detailed price information. A panoramic image of the practical application is available at any dental clinic


      We will give you the most suitable price according to the processing and materials used.

      Health problems and medications

      If you have an inflamed tooth, you should treat it first

      Befor the operaton one day

      The x-ray oral panoramic dental image sent by you will be applied and treatment will begin.

      Pre-operation Preparation

      Our specialist doctor and nurses will help you


      Cosmetic Dentistry
      Application Form

        Please Add Panoramic and / or X-Ray Photo