Aesthetic dentistry is a branch that gives structure of lost teeth or applications on teeth and gums. Our cosmetic dentists apply treatment to improve the structure of the face and jaws and the harmony of teeth and gums.

The goal of this to design a smile by analyzing the compatibility of teeth, gums and lips with detailed and accurate analysis.

Raising the level of gums at the level of teeth are the most important factors for treatment. In order to make your smile healthy, you must complete treatments.

Teeth are made according to the shape of the gums, a healthy gum has a great effect for a nice smile. These treatments can be easily applied to people of all ages

Dental Aesthetics is personal. If the teeth are made with a natural enamel appearance and look clean, it is aesthetic. Naturalness never means that I have crooked teeth. It is natural if the teeth are given a beautiful form, made in accordance with your smile, facial structures and character. However, when we make laminate porcelain, we can go beyond the very light norms. Sometimes, with a slight crowding and symmetrical protection, the patient can look good. Here are some changes that can add beauty to the patient’s smile. All of this is determined at the design stage.

What are the advantages of dental aesthetics?

Cosmetic dentistry is the treatment of functional and aesthetic problems in the mouth and its structure Meeting and first impression are very important in social and individual relations. A natural and sincere smile always opens the way to a positive start. In dentistry today, cosmetic teeth are specially designed for a person to give him a natural smile. . With a simple change in your smile, you can make significant changes in your personal relationships and social status, while improving your self-confidence. When a radiant smile is combined with your face, your confidence and happiness will inevitably affect the other person.

Dental Cosmetic Applications

  • Teeth whitening
  • Veneer (Composite Laminate or Porcelain)
  • Zirconium crowns or bridges (without metal infrastructure)
  • Porcelain fillings compatible with tooth color (inlay-onlay)
  • Gum formation (e.g. lengthening of tooth)
  • Orthodontics (Children & Adults)
  • Professional teeth cleaning (cleaning and polishing teeth to remove stains, tea, coffee and cigarettes)
  • Teeth ornaments (sticking to diamonds or stones similar to teeth)