Laser Assisted Therapy

The laser is an ionized light and does not accumulate in tissues. For this reason, it does not have any performing property such as X-rays. It is important to use the correct doses using the appropriate laser wavelength. It can be used in everyone ages, including pregnant women, children and heart patients

When used under appropriate conditions, the laser does not cause any damage to the surrounding tissues. Lasers used in dentistry slowly shape the tissue with the “peeling” principle instead of drilling or cutting.

What is a laser, is it safe?

The laser is briefly called light amplification by stimulating radioactive emissions. It can also be referred to as concentrated and regular beam.

American Health Organization – FDA approved system is widely used in countries such as America and Japan. FDA approval has a feature that proves that a complete and safe treatment can be provided worldwide, from infants to individuals of all age groups.

In cases where the whole treatment can be done with laser, we can talk about ile laser dentistry.. For example, in the removal of caries, the process can be completed by using only laser instead of other tools. Likewise, aesthetic and symmetrical gingiva can be obtained only with laser in order to provide gingival aesthetics.

If we use lasers with other methods, we can say “laser assisted therapy”. For example, laser disinfection in the duct increases the success of treatment. However, tools and materials other than lasers are necessary to complete channel treatment. In short, lasers are used in these treatments to improve the quality of treatment.

In Which Procedures Is Laser Used In Dentistry?

  • It can be used for shaping (gingivectomy) and leveling the gingiva.
  • It can be used in the treatment of aphthae and herpes.
  • It is used to provide gingival aesthetics (Pink aesthetics).
  • Laser is used for aesthetic laughing line arrangement (especially in patients whose gums are visible when they smile)
  • Laser applications are used in Aesthetic Dentistry.
  • Laser is used in the treatment of dental caries.
  • Lasers are used with fluoride to eliminate tooth sensitivity.
  • Laser application is used in bleaching treatments.
  • Laser application can be used for disinfection and opening of implant tops in implant applications.