Implant therapy is known as the most effective treatment for patients with missing dental problems. In many patients, the problem of missing or damaged teeth can be seen not only physically but also psychological and mental problems.

In particular, these gaps appear during a person’s smile, negatively affecting oral health, as well as increasing a person’s fears about how they appear in a negative way. Therefore, transplantation is the best treatment that can relieve a person emotionally and physically.

The most perfect and effective way to fill a lost dental cavity is a dental implant treatment that has been applied for years and gives almost 100% positive results. In this article, you can find what you are wondering about implant treatment, implant prices and implant application can be found here for the best details.

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a dental device placed under the gum line. The goal of the device is to allow the patient to fuse with the jaw and act as an artificial root of the teeth after a certain time. First, the metal electrode serves as the root of an artificial tooth bridge, and then the crown is placed on the metal electrode to act as a tooth. In fact, this is the basic answer to the question of how to perform a transplant, but we will provide detailed information about the treatment of the transplant in the following sections.

Implanted teeth have become a more effective device for filling dental deficiencies, especially when compared with dentures. This is because implanted teeth stand out in terms of durability, durability and long-term use.

Is there any pain when placing the implant?

Before the implant operation, which is a surgical procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the patient. Therefore, the patient does not feel any pain or pain during the surgical procedure. Patients with implants may have mild pain on the same day after the anesthetic effect dissipates.

These pains are considered normal. This situation is eliminated by using the painkiller recommended by the dentist after the operation. When asked later, patients who have had implants say that this pain is similar to the pain experienced in a normal tooth extraction. You will be comfortable enough to forget the existence of implants during problem-free operations.