Beauty Specialist is an International Regulatory Office in Turkey, providing treatment and counseling services especially in selected hospitals Almanya, Hollanda, Belçika,Fransa, İtalya, İspanya İsviçre,

In Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK you will find trust with an extensive network of healthcare organizations. Beauty Specialist, Turkey’s most accurate place for people from all over the world, sterile atmosphere, certification, and work with the most experienced doctors in clinics. we can make your holiday worth it n a good price and you can also make the transaction you want in every area.

You can make your holiday at a great price and you can also make the transaction you want in every area.

Why should you take the tretment in Turkey?

  • Turkish hospitality
  • Less wait
  • Health care quality and reasonable costs
  • Turk doctor and a good team
  • Hospital and patient safety

For this, Turkey won the world health title

Why is Beauty Specialist is International ?

  • Experienced specialist doctors and certified private hospitals
  • Plans for tretments made for your needs
  • A comfortable place during the recoverment
  • Translator support and supervision during the treatment process
  • After treatment, an opportunity to be examined by our partner doctors in Europe
  • Contact our offices in Europe
  • Special offers
  • Support on your mother langugue 7/24
  • Transfer, accommodation, cultural tour
  • Transfer garanty