Our service includes only the transport and organization services such as flight booking, hotel reservation, appointment with the clinic. Making the booked trip is not part of our contractual obligations. The agent is not a tour operator. By booked services, individual contracts are concluded with the travel company or the airline, the hotel, the clinic and the transfer company. The provision of the mediated service as such is not part of our contractual obligations. The information (prices, etc.) about the mediated service providers is based exclusively on the information provided by the responsible service providers towards us. In the case of mediated services, we are not liable for the proper provision of services by the service provider.

Liability on our part for claims based on the provision of medical institution treatments is expressly excluded. The decision on the type of medical treatment is made exclusively by the customer. In particular, our liability for treatment errors is excluded. The operation, the associated medical pre-and post-treatment as well as any other medical auxiliary services are external services, which can also only be arranged. The customer signs a contract for this part of the journey with the clinic


The information on flight, transfer and hotel accommodation are based solely on the information provided by the appropriate service providers. The agent is therefore liable only for the contractual disclosure of information. Liability in connection with the provision of medical services in the clinic is excluded. The decision to conclude a contract with the clinic and the type of medical treatment is the sole responsibility of the customer. If, as a result of the statutory provisions, the intermediary has to pay for damage caused by slight negligence, the intermediary shall be liable. This liability exists only in the event of breach of essential contractual obligations as well as cardinal obligations and is limited to foreseeable typical damage upon conclusion of the contract. This restriction does not apply to injury to life, limb and health. Insofar as the damage is covered by an insurance taken out by the customer for the relevant claim, the agent is only liable for any associated disadvantages of the customer. The agent is not liable for damage that is not physical injury. If, in accordance with these conditions, the intermediary here too has to pay for the above-mentioned damage, which is not a damage to the body, this is limited to the simple travel price, unless the damage was caused intentionally, grossly negligently or insofar as the intermediary for one the damage caused to the customer is solely due to the fault of a service provider. A liability for performance disturbances, in connection with services, which are mediated as external achievements only is impossible. This also applies and in particular for a Medical treatment error. Here the customer has himself

Passport, customs and health regulations

The client is obliged to comply with the passport, visa, customs and health regulations in Turkey communicated to him by the agent. He must ensure that the necessary documents are obtained at an early stage. The agent is not liable in any way for late arriving travel documents u.a. Documents that are necessary to enter the country of destination.

Use of data

If you are a customer or have purchased one of our products or have used one of our services, we use your telephone number and e-mail address to provide you with advice, advertising for your own in messenger, e-mail or call to send similar offers. You may object to use for this purpose at any time, by phone, e-mail, messenger or post.

We use your data about the agreement between us and you for information, advice, support and advertising for your own similar offers

Severability clause

Should individual clauses of these mediation conditions be completely or partially invalid, this does not affect the validity of the remaining clauses or the other parts of such clauses as well as the contract. An ineffective provision shall be replaced by a provision which comes closest to the economic purpose of the invalid provision and is effective.

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Photographs of the person or someone you send through the form can be shared with the doctors and specialist staff working with us or from outside. This subject is the responsibility of the sender regardless of who owns the photos, duplication or publication of other media does not accept responsibility for Beauty Specialist