While many people are focused on hair transplantation, the presence of people with beard problems is not at all insignificant. Beard transplantation is also performed with the logic in hair transplantation. Even areas such as eyebrows, eyelashes and mustaches are successfully performed with the FUE method.

What is Beard Transplantation?

You can have a thin or no beard transplant. Naturally, this comes at a cost. Beard transplant prices vary according to many situations. We have highlighted below what these variables are. If you do not want your economic situation to deteriorate too much, you should definitely consider our suggestions. If you take into consideration, you will have a successful and appropriate transplant. Since it is an important factor that has changed the appearance in men recently, men now look much more favorably on this operation. Especially the stubble and long beard fashion prompts such men to resort to the beard transplantation method. It is also possible to get much better results than hair transplantation.

The Initial Stage of Beard Transplantation

As in every job decided to be made, it is necessary to make a planting decision especially for beard transplantation and to consult a doctor on this axis. At this stage, the doctor applied for beard transplantation informs the patient about the facial shape and characteristics of the individual who will transplant the beard, the areas and method of beard transplantation according to the structure of the face. As a result of the decision taken on the basis of the information given, beard transplantation is guaranteed by discussing the day of transplantation, the number of sessions of beard transplantation and the fee in advance. Accordingly, the decision to do the beard transplantation is decided and the process begins.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Beard Transplant Center

You want to transplant a beard and you could not decide which clinic is better. You are right, because this process should be done by experienced hands and will contribute to your aesthetics. It is your right to look better and have this process done by experienced hands. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following criteria in the clinic you choose;

  • Choose clinics with trained and competent hair transplant specialists,
  • Experience is a very important issue. Entrust yourself to experienced doctors,
  • Get information about the technique used. Prefer DHI and FUE methods,
  • Check the clinic’s authorization documents. To be able to have a hair transplant, he / she must have certificates,
  • The team you will deal with before and after the beard transplant is also important. Prefer corporate hospitals,
  • Prefer hospitals that carry out inspection processes meticulously,
  • Request and compare photos before and after beard transplantation,
  • Check the customer comments, be sure to check the articles of former customers of the clinic on Google.