Tissue damage from conventional transplantation is minimized, there are no circulation problems and small channels are opened to provide much better results thanks to hair transplantation

What is hair transplant Safir FUE channel

Hair transplantation is the result of studies aimed at increasing the success of transplantation, a new form of application that provides slitting using sapphire blade tools more efficient and comfortable operation. According to the steel tools used in other hair transplantation methods; partial level treatment and tissue damage are much lower

How to apply Safir FUE Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation begins with the analysis of hair like another method of vio previously generating hair quality is determined, roots, the area to be transplanted, hair and donor area. The donor site is then anesthetized locally and graft harvesting begins. Graft absorption is very important and any mistake can cause tissue damage, so a hair transplant reduces tissue loss through blades that don’t lose sharpness

Grafts are carefully grown in the cultivated area. After the end of the hair transplant, the patient is discharged. It is normal that crusts and redness appear on the first day. The first day should not be in contact with water. It is very important not to lie down in the first days of planting.