Hair Mesotherapy is the process of applying traditional mesotherapy known on the scalp and also used in eyebrows, mustaches and beard area to strengthen the structure of the current hair mesotherapy

What is the goal of Mesotherapy?

The goal is to increase the strength of the porous unit. The basis of hair mesotherapy is the application of a drug specially prepared for the area of interest using special syringes. The problem is mostly hair loss or weak hair. The main treatment for pattern baldness in men is hair mesotherapy.

Dermatological procedures are performed by specialist dermatologists in the hospital. It can also be applied as a preventive and enhanced treatment after hair transplantation. Hair loss in women is often used for various reasons, as treatment can be applied to women or men of all ages. There are no significant side effects. Sometimes it may be redness, itching in the application area. Allergies to the drugs used rarely occur, but all are temporary and interfering.