Hair Mesotherapy is the process of applying classical mesotherapy to the scalp. Mesotherapy can be applied to strengthen the structure of the hair not only on the scalp, but also on the eyebrows, mustache and beard area.

What is the purpose of Hair Mesotherapy?

The aim is to increase the strength of the follicular unit. The basis of hair mesotherapy is the process of applying a specially prepared drug to the relevant area with special tip injectors. The problem is mostly hair loss or weak hair strands. The main treatment method of male pattern baldness in men is hair mesotherapy.

Dermocosmetic procedures are applied by specialist Dermatologists in our hospital. It can also be applied as a preventive and strengthening treatment after hair transplantation. This method is frequently used in women for hair loss and for different reasons. The treatment can be applied to men or women of all ages. It has no significant side effects. Sometimes there may be redness and itching in the application area. Albeit rarely, allergies may develop to the drugs used, but all of these are temporary and intervenable situations.

How Is Hair Mesotherapy Performed?

Hair mesotherapy is done in sessions. Each session takes approximately 40 minutes. The first 4 sessions are done once a week, and the last 4 sessions are done once in fifteen days. The time between sessions should not exceed 11 days in the first 4 sessions and 22 days in the last 4 sessions. It is beneficial to do Hair Mesotherapy once in September-October and April-May, which are seasonal transitions. This situation is even more important for hair transplant patients or the risky patient group. Some doctors advise their patients to have monthly mesotherapy regularly. For more detailed information about hair mesotherapy, you can contact us by filling out the form. You can consult your doctor about mesotherapy after hair transplantation.

Hair Mesotherapy Benefits

Hair mesotherapy is prepared as a vitamin cocktail containing multi-vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed by the hair and injected directly into the scalp. It is a more effective method to inject under the skin by applying products such as hair oils or similar products externally. For example, if applying the product to the scalp is 1% effective, then injecting the product under the skin is 8% effective. Vitamin drugs applied under the skin cause irritation in that area. With the acceleration of blood circulation, the whole scalp begins to affect all hair follicles with the circulation of vitamins. Thus, the hair starts to be nourished from its roots and becomes stronger. This process applied to the scalp is kind of like fertilizing the soil. Mesotherapy is an ideal method for lifeless hair that has lost its strength, thinned out and starts to fall out as it starts to fall off. Hair loss will decrease significantly with mesotherapy sessions. Hair quality will increase and it will gain vitality from root to tip. Hair will gain a more voluminous and shiny appearance. As the dormant hair follicles are stimulated, hair that looks like fine hair will thicken.