Thanks to the latest technologies, treatments are being discovered that both prevent hair loss and allow hair to regrow where the loss occurred. One of them is Prp hair treatment. Thanks to the Prp method, known as stem cell therapy, your hair is provided to grow, renew, plump and gain a healthy appearance.

Stem cells are cells that are used to regenerate cells and have high power to regenerate and change. Moreover, since it is taken from your own body, there is no such thing as rebound. Any deformation in the skin that contains hair may cause the hair on the skin to fall out. Thanks to stem cell therapy, improvement will occur in the cells that are deformed.

What is Stem Cell Therapy?

If your hair falls out frequently and you experience hair reduction, you do not need to have a hair transplant for this. The body is always made up of cells that can be renewed. The important thing is to regenerate the cell.
For treatment, you first need to give a stem cell. The stem cell taken is applied to the skin where the hair is shed. Therefore, the deformed cells there are regenerated with the reinforced stem cells. As the cells renew and replicate themselves, hair grows again on the skin.

How is PRP Treatment Applied?

If you want to get Prp hair treatment service in hair loss, you should remember that the treatment is in two stages. First of all, 60 to 100 cc of blood will be taken from your veins. Then your blood is separated in a centrifuge machine for 15 minutes. Prp is also separated from it.
During the procedure, help is received from micro needles. Stem cells taken to the root section where the hair has begun are reinforced. You do not feel any pain because the procedure is performed with small needles.

When Are The Results of PRP Treatment Seen?

Since PRP treatment is based on the self-renewal of the skin or the applied tissue, it is wrong to wait for the result of the treatment immediately. The results of PRP treatment are revealed after the second or third session.

After PRP treatment for aesthetic purposes, tightening and sagging of the skin, wrinkles, lightening of the skin, shine in skin color and reduction in scars occur. After the application to the scalp, an increase in hair thickness and a density in rare areas are observed.