Thanks to the techniques of the last period, treatments have been discovered that prevent hair loss and hair growth at the place of hair loss. One of them is to treat the hair with the barb using the method known as tear solution with the blood of the patient and stem cells grow your hair and regenerate and gain health gains

Stem cells are the most important method of cell regeneration. Furthermore, since it is taken from your body, there is no health problem. Any deformity of the skin containing hair may cause hair loss. Stem cell therapy will heal the deformed cells

What is Immunotherapy?

If you have frequent hair loss, no hair transplant is required. The body always consists of renewable cells. The important thing is to ensure cell regeneration. Therefore, the treatment is often preferred by people in Izmir with a treatment of the Lord.

For treatment, stem cells must first be given. Stem cells taken are applied to the skin where the hair is fallen. Thus, the distorted cells present there are revived by reinforced stem cells. With cell regeneration and recurrence, the hair grows back

How PRP therapy is applied

If you want to get a hair treatment with barb, you should remember that the treatment consists of two phases. First, pull your blood between 60 and 100 cubic centimeters and then separate your blood in a centrifuge for 15 minutes. Barb is separated from knead. Then the processing is done

With the help of small needles during this process. Stem cells taken from the root part of the hair are strengthened. Do not feel any pain due to small needles