Hair transplantation is carried out using different and more effective techniques.

Nowadays, many people experience baldness or hair loss; an unhealthy diet, a lack of vitamins and stress..

Soft FUE Hair Transplantation method is applied with local anesthesia and graft cells in hair follicles are collected with the help of cylindrical tip. With this technical application, hair transplantation is carried out more comfortably. Soft FUE hair transplantation was initially performed with manual punch, so there was very little graft removal during one session. If more hair follicles are needed, the number and duration of the sessions increase.

The collection of the vesicles using small motors is completed in a shorter period of time as the hair follicles are collected more quickly and at a lower cost

Is the hair cut using Soft technique for hair transplantation?

During the transplantation of fine hair Vue no tissue is taken from the donor area during the collection of grafts the procedure is completed without incision, suture, and without any interference tic. Also, the course breaks are much shorter than the other methods. In FUE hair transplantation the hair follicles are collected one by one and transferred to the bald area. The hair is cut very briefly before all procedures. Thanks to shaving, both roots to be taken become clearer and the part in which the roots will be moved will be revealed

Benefits of Soft FUE Hair transplantation?

As is known, many different methods are applied in hair transplantation. Technically, they all have separate features. It is necessary for the person to choose any of these methods suitable for him / her with the help of an expert or specialist.