What do you need to pay attention to before surgery?
Blood diluents such as alcohol, medicines, vitamin E and similar substances should not be taken one week before surgery; Smoking should be reduced to as little as possible.

Where do I get a hair transplant?
Applications approved by the Ministry of Health should be preferred, especially those certified and operating room approved. Therefore, hair transplantation is not legal in normal practice. Beautyspecialist with the best doctors and sterile clinkers are made in rooms equipped with the best technology.

Who should do the surgery?
Hair transplantation should be done by experts. Beautyspecialist offers you the best and most reliable operation.

At what age you can do hair transplantation?
Depends on the duration of hair loss. If your hair is reduced, the hair can be done.

How long does hair transplantation take?
It Changes person to person of how much greff taken. about 6-8 hours of grafts removinng. You also listen to music, watch TV or read books during the operation to pass time.

Are there other methods besides hair transplantation?
Unfortunately, hair transplantation is the best method.

Is there a risk during hair transplantation?
with any operation, there may be risks and side effects. In hair transplantation, shells will form up to 10 days. Itching may occur.

What is the legal age for hair transplantation?
Hair transplantation can be done from the age of 18.

What diseases do I need to tell my doctor before the operation
Allergy, blood pressure and diabetes need to be informed to the doctor.

Can hair transplantation make us sick
in the prosses of hair transplantation they might be side effects but can not cause diseases.

Can hair transplantation be used on women?
After determining the causes of hair loss, a woman can perform a hair transplant.

How much is hair transplanting
Prices are according to region and amount of hair transplanted. For more information, you can call or contact us.

Which hair transplantation is not suitable?
Hair transplantation is suitable for any age, some analysis should be performed in patients with certain diseases. If you have any problems with hair transplantation after checking if the Doctor does not see any obstacles to the operation, the operation can be performed without any problems.

Could the transplanted hair fail?
Since the roots are taken from a very strong area, there will be no hair loss in the transplanted areas.

Does my hair look artificial after the transplant?
According to the direction of combing opens the channel and hair transplant becomes quite natural.

How many days will it take for hair transplantation?
It is enough to be in Istanbul for three nights, only 1 day hair transplant operation is completed. Stay in a 5 star hotel and then return to your normal life.

When will my hair start to grow
The planted greffs grow back in 3 months. in the first 6 months grows up to 75% and 90-100% at the end of the first year.

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