Can my hair be damaged after performing a hair transplant?
No, because our specialists work very carefully during surgery.

When does my transplanted hair grow?
Transplanted hair usually falls within two to three weeks, which is normal. Your hair will begin to grow after 3 months of surgery. Over time it will change and will get back its normal way. after a year, your hair will grow 100%

Is there pain after hair transplantation?
No, its very rare. But if you have a headache, you can get a painkiller

Does my hair look normal after hair transplantation and does it grow in the right direction?
The channels are opened according to the direction of the implanted hair to grow in the usual direction and give natural appearance.

Can I use hair care products after hair transplantation?
We dont recommend using hair product after at least 3 mounths.

Can i wear a hat after the surgery
After a few days you can wear a l wide hat, but you have to be careful for the first seven days

Will the roots taken from the back of my heart regrow
No, İt will not be notice but they will be new hair to grow

Will there be any scars after surgery?
FUE method will leave no scares

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