Breast aesthetics is one of the most preferred aesthetic surgery applications today. After periods such as childbirth and breastfeeding, many women experience disorders in their breast tissue. Apart from this, it can be congenitally small or large form. For these reasons, many women may not be satisfied with their appearance. This can cause them to feel unhappy and cause some psychological problems. With breast aesthetics, it is possible to have the desired breast structure and to offer permanent solutions to these problems.

What is Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetics is one of the most applied methods in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery. The purpose of this application is to make people who feel uncomfortable with the appearance in the breast area and therefore feel insecure, to have an appearance in which they will feel better. Breast aesthetic operations create great changes in the appearance of the person and ensure that the person has the desired appearance.
Many different things can be targeted with breast aesthetic operations. By making the necessary measurements, the shape of the breast according to age, height and weight is checked. After these controls, the volume of the breast can be increased and applications can be made to improve the appearance of the breast.

What Are the Types of Breast Aesthetics?

There are 4 different types of breast aesthetics that are commonly used, namely the breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction and gynecomastia.

  • Breast Augmentation Aesthetics: Breast augmentation aesthetics, also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty, is a surgical application to add volume to the breasts. In this application, it is aimed to increase the volume of breasts that shrink after birth or are small from birth during periods of rapid weight gain and loss. Apart from this, it can also be disproportionately sized compared to the body. While determining the appropriate implant for the patient, breast structure, weight and body proportions are taken into account. In line with these results, the patient and the doctor decide on the shape and size of the implant together in accordance with the expectations.
  • Breast Reduction Aesthetics: Breast reduction aesthetics, also known as Reduction Mammoplasty; It is applied to create a better appearance by reducing the enlarging breasts due to conditions such as weight gain and medications. It can be applied to give a healthier and more aesthetic appearance in cases that are congenitally large or disproportionate to the body. Breast reduction aesthetics is usually applied due to back and shoulder pain caused by large breasts. However, it can also be preferred only to change the appearance according to personal preferences.
  • Breast Lift: Breast lift, also known as mastopexy; It is applied during pregnancy, sudden weight loss or sagging problems that occur after breastfeeding. Sagging of the breasts can also occur due to advancing age. The purpose of the application is to provide an aesthetic appearance again. Excess skin in the breast area is removed and the breast tissue is reshaped. In cases where the patient’s breast volume is not sufficient, the prosthesis can be placed.
  • Gynecomastia: It is a breast reduction operation for men. With the liposuction method, the operation is performed by absorbing the fat tissue formed around the breast as a result of hormonal disorder or disease effects with a 2-3 mm tube under anesthesia.

Who Can Be Applied to Breast Aesthetics?

Breast aesthetics can be applied to people who are not satisfied with their breast size or shape, have disproportionate breasts, have lost their breasts due to cancer, or have self-confidence problems due to their breast size.

Breast aesthetics is not performed on people who are in adolescence who have not yet completed their body development, unless it is necessary. The person who wants to have breast aesthetics is expected to be over the age of 20. It may be inconvenient to have breast aesthetics during pregnancy. It is important to share this issue with the doctor. At the same time, breast aesthetics is not suitable for women who are breastfeeding. It is generally recommended to perform the surgery in the later periods so that the implants do not affect the breastfeeding period.

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