It is one of the most important fields in aesthetic surgery that has been going on for many years. Facial aesthetics is an operation applied in different situations such as the areas that people do not like on the face, for example, the nose is bad on the person, the cheekbones are too high, the under-eye bags are excessive, there are many wrinkles around the face.

Facial Aesthetics

Even when people use their facial expressions, a lot of wrinkles and deep lines can appear in the eyebrow area. These deep lines can cause images that people do not want over the years. Therefore, it is a surgical field especially preferred by women.

What is Face Lift Aesthetics?

Aesthetic surgery procedures applied to cheekbones for scratches and wrinkles occurring in areas such as eyelid, cheek and mouth around the middle part of the human face are called face lift aesthetics. Deformed structures formed by aging, which have been given in years, cause aesthetically bad images in women. Therefore, face lift surgery is used to get rid of these deformed structures and bad appearance.

It is aimed to remove the skin on the face from deformations and if there are any sagging formations, they are removed and the person’s facial skin is in the most smooth form as a result of the procedure. The construction steps of this process are as follows:

• Before the operation, the patient’s facial structure is evaluated separately as a region and as a whole.
• Each region within the face is evaluated within itself and preparations are made for the procedure.
• It is determined in which region the patient needs more and the process starts from there.

Another of the most preferred procedures in the field of facial aesthetics is botox surgery. Let’s get acquainted with this process and take a look at how it is done.

What is Botox and How Is It Applied?

Botox is in an important position in the field of facial aesthetics. With Botox, wrinkles and lines formed on the skin can be removed temporarily. The duration of the botox treatment is approximately 4 to 6 months. All women, except pregnant and lactating women, can get botox treatment.

The application time of the Botox process is very short. This process can be used to remove forehead, neck, anger lines, eyebrows and prevent sweating. Total processing time is in the range of 10-15 minutes and the effect of the botox treatment is fully evident within 5 to 7 days. No pain is felt after the operation.

Patients can return to their normal lives immediately after the operation. After the Botox procedure, you should not go to sports, hairdressers and saunas in the same day. After the botox operation it should not be entered into the pool for 3 days. While sleeping on the same day, great care should be taken and care should be taken not to lie face down.

Another branch of the Facial aesthetics area that is of great importance, especially among women, is nose aesthetics. Let’s look at what is a rhinoplasty.

What is nasal aesthetics (rhinoplasty / nasoplasty)?

The face is the first area that attracts attention. Eliminating deformities in this region plays an important role in refreshing personal confidence. With the development of technology, the methods used in facial aesthetics have been more innovative and simpler than in the past. The nasal aesthetic, which is called rhinoplasty, is the name for the nasal aesthetic, which is mainly caused by a health problem. In this area, formations such as bone diseases and breathing difficulties are to be eliminated so that people have a healthy nose.

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