Face lift surgery is a method in which wrinkles and sagging that occur over time are corrected by stretching or hanging method. Excess skin caused by the effect of gravity, especially after the age of 50, can be removed with classical facelift. Facelift surgery is among the oldest aesthetic operations performed for almost 100 years. With face lift surgery, the aim is to remove excess skin and lift the face in this way.

Who Can Have Face Lift Surgery?

Those who have sagging or wrinkle problems in the face and neck areas may be eligible for this surgery. Facelift surgery is usually performed at the age of 40 and over. Face lift surgery can sometimes be accompanied by nose, forehead correction, eyelid aesthetics, eyebrow lift surgeries.

How Is Face Lift Performed?

Facelift surgery is performed with a specialist physician, in a hospital environment and under local anesthesia. The duration of the operation may vary depending on the person and the procedures to be applied. In facelift surgery, excess skin is removed from a suitable point. You can be discharged on the same day, depending on the postoperative situation. Sometimes it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for 1 night.

Can Aesthetic Applications Be Performed On The Face With Face Lift Surgery?

During facelift operations, if there is a loss of volume on the patient’s / client’s face, the volume can be increased by fat injection to the face. Surgical procedures such as eyelid aesthetics and rhinoplasty can also be performed during the same surgery.

Is A Stretching Surgery Applied To The Face With A Previous Aesthetic Application?

Facelift surgery can create 10-20 years of age rejuvenation on the person’s face. However, after the surgery, the effects of aging and aging will begin again. Because sun rays and gravity are indispensable factors for skin aging. Therefore, it is important to carry out preventive studies to reduce the harmful effects of sun rays. Although its effects last for many years, facelift can be performed again in the future in line with the demands.

What Should Be Considered After Face Lift Surgery?

After the operation, it is necessary to avoid maneuvers that will increase blood pressure and cause bleeding, especially in the early period. It is important to apply ice and keep the head slightly above to reduce edema and bruising. Drugs and substances (smoking) that delay wound healing should be avoided. In addition, it is extremely important to pay attention to the recommendations of the physician.

When to Get Results In Face Lift Surgery?

Edema and bleeding may occur in the early postoperative period. Asymmetry can be noticed. However, all these complaints can be noticed in the first week. These will usually resolve within the first week. The time to wait for the face to settle and take its final form is approximately 3-6 months.