Abdominoplasty is a procedure performed as a result of sagging abdominal skin. It is widely used for weight loss in men and deformities after pregnancy in women. Abdominoplasty, also called abdominal stretching in the widened areas, is narrowed and excess sag is eliminated.

How is abdominoplasty done?

Depending on the low status of the person, there are operations that last up to 3-4 hours. General anesthesia is applied before the procedures and under the umbilical incision up to 10 cm. Excess skin is removed and achieve a smoother abdominal structure. At the same time, the new belly button is opened and the belly button is moved. After the operation, the incision line is closed with sutures and covered with bandages. The tubes are disposed to expel the collected liquid in the processes. After the operation

Preoperative operation

Your surgeon will remind you of important points before surgery. Accordingly, the following details are important..

1-) You should use aspirin and vitamin up to two weeks.
2-) You should avoid heavy diets.
3-) If there is an infection, it is expected to heal.
4-) Before and after the operation, the patient is notified by all the details ..