Breasts is an important aesthetic organ especially for women. Of course, the size and shape of the breasts are of great importance for women. Chest aesthetics provide psychological as well as physical relaxation. Although the time you spend in the mirror increases, the required clothing can be freely worn. Although each woman has a different breast structure, those who think they are young and want to become fuller can have breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, also known as silicone surgery, is performed to increase breast size, provide a new appearance and give the body a balanced structure of the breast.

  • Small chested women
  • Large chest section of clothing
  • Clothing box like a bikini swimsuit does not fit properly
  • Breast reduction and shape change after birth
  • If the breast is smaller, breast augmentation can be performed.

Breast augmentation before surgery

An interview with a plastic surgeon is very important before the operation. Because in this way you can identify in detail the parts of your complaint, plan together and get more information about surgery. After the examination, your doctor will check

  • For normal breast size
  • Both contrast
  • Chest width etc.

After the examination, what kind of predictions are expected from surgery and the results will be evaluated. In addition, details on the type of operation to be performed, where the operation will be performed and the setup process is given. The most important part is operational risk. Your doctor will provide the necessary explanations. It is recommended that you forward any questions to the expert in order to complete the questions in your mind.