Stubborn oils are not destroyed even by strict diets, gymnastics and special cellulite treatments. Fat deposits are often inherited because they are particularly troublesome and disturb overall beauty and self-esteem.

 What is fat removal?

Fat removal is the removal of excess body fat with special application. Usually, the adult human body has a fixed number of fat cells, but their size also increases with weight gain. These weights that cannot be given naturally are reduced by fat removal because they cause some physical and psychological difficulties. Thus, it is possible to get rid of uncomfortable oils with a single process

How many liters of fat can be taken?

Varies from person to person. Problems will be like age, weight and the area from which liposuction will be performed. However, if an average number is given, it can be said that up to 6 liters of fat can be consumed. However, for a person weighing 50 kg, this maximum rate is reduced to 5 liters. Conversely, in a 100 lb person, it can easily be 6-7 liters of fat however, it is not only critical how much oil is taken according to the maximum numbers. In some patients, 3 liters of fat intake may be sufficient. Muscle and fat ratio.

After the fat removal process

After fat removal, it is necessary to stay in the hospital for one day. The patient can stand on the same day and do simple daily tasks. Can be discharged from hospital after one day. Since giving pain relievers, there is not much pain. A corset should be used after the procedure for one month. Swelling and bruising can be seen depending on the frequency of the skin. Sometimes there is a feeling of sleepiness. However, they will recover within one week at the latest

Hardness can be seen in the lower parts of the skin after degreasing. It takes about 3 months. Your final condition is seen in 6 months. In the meantime, no one realizes that you have undergone surgery, and during this time, the fat that is destroyed and improved is absorbed by the body. The appearance of cellulite is significantly reduced after fat removal..