Human eyebrows are a region that has managed to be a source of inspiration in many areas. Songs were written on the eyebrows, the frowning movie scenes were carefully arranged, the sharpness was indicated by eyebrows, and the human face structure was used in vehicle designs. LED lights resembling human eyebrows are used to make the vehicles look sharper and more attractive. When we examine the reflections in nature and technology, we can say that the eyebrow appearance has a great effect on our expression.

When we get angry, our frowning eyebrows, our eyebrows shaped by our sharp eyes take on different shapes when we smile and cry.
But in our daily life, we are not always in an expression. In our stable state, that is, in our normal stationary state, we also have a facial expression. In some people, there may be undesirable situations in facial expression, both due to the effect of age and the natural position of the eyebrow. A person who does not have any emotions but looks sad due to his low eyebrows may feel uncomfortable with this situation. In these and similar cases, the popular application of recent times is the eyebrow lift application.
Eyebrow lifting is generally applied to women. The vast majority of women desire to have more erect and sharper eyebrows. The most important reason for this is that women with eyebrows are perceived as younger and more attractive and a more sexy appearance is obtained when combined with looks.


There are two basic methods as endoscopic and suspension method:

Hanging method: This is a method belonging to our teacher Onur Erol. The process is extremely simple, a half-centimeter cut is made in the scalp and a long stitch is lowered to the eyebrow and the eyebrow is pulled up with this stitch.
The best thing about the method is that it is extremely simple. I can say it’s almost not an operation. It is a highly controlled, easy, risk-free and effective method.
The only problem is that the effect is too short. Usually, the raised eyebrows go back to their old places within a few months to a year.

Endoscopic method: This is done with a few centimeters cut in the scalp similar to the temple lift surgery. The eyebrows can be raised from the inside and the desired shape can be given.

Other methods: There are a few more rarely used techniques. In these, the eyebrow is hung up by making a cut on the upper eyelid or inside the eyebrow. In a very old technique, a long cut is made on the upper border of the eyebrow (I do not know if anyone still applies it, but I recommend not to have surgery with this technique that leaves a lot of marks).
If you say which is better, my preference is mostly endoscopic.
The fact that the suspension method is not long-lasting, sometimes even a few months, is repulsive for many patients.