Lips are the details that enhance the expression of every man, especially women, benefiting the beauty and proportions of the face. Fine congenital lips can be, as a result of subsequent deformations due to age, collapse of the lips, lip folds and edges in the formation of fine lines.

Lip augmentation provides a large proportion of solutions to lip problems developed in this way, helping to make the lips fit proportionally to the face. Lip augmentation, also known as lip filling, is applied.

Provide a permeable silicone implant with a permanent inflated lip that can easily remove the implant if not required. Simple app. Lips are anesthetized with local anesthesia. Suitable implants are inserted into the lips through the perforated holes in the upper and lower lips. Swelling can reach 3-4 days.

The bond between the upper lip and the palate is sometimes short and may cause the upper lip to curl inward and appear thin. Sometimes by loosening this ligament, the upper lip can be released and turned outwards to make it look better. This process is called FRENULOPLASTY. It can be done simply by local anesthesia. Hyaluran fillings may also be applied.