Lips are the details that strengthen the expression of every man and especially woman by benefiting the beauty and proportion of the face. As it may be congenitally thin lips, it is seen that due to the deformations caused by the advancing age, collapse of the lips and fine lines on the lip folds and edges are seen.

Lip augmentation operations provide solutions to lip problems that develop in this way in large proportions, helping lips to be proportionally harmonized with the face. Lip enlargement operation, also known as lip filling, is applied within our body.

Permanent lip growth is achieved with PERMALIP silicone implant application. Implant can be easily removed when not desired. The application is simple. Lips are numbed with local anesthesia. Appropriate implants are placed in the inner lips through the holes opened in the lower and upper lips. There may be swelling for 3-4 days.

The bond between the upper lip and the palate is sometimes short and may cause the upper lip to curl inward, making it look thin. Sometimes, this ligament can only be loosened and the upper lip can be freed and turned outwards to make it look better. This process is called FRENULOPLASTY. It can be done simply under local anesthesia. Hyalurane fillings can also be applied together.

Situations where filling application is beneficial:

  • Filling applications are widely used in face and body volume losses, lips that do not have the desired fullness.
  • It is also used to remove the lines resembling a barcode in the upper lip area called barcode lines.
  • Under-eye light filling is one of the most preferred applications of today.
  • Fillers provide a rejuvenating effect in removing the deepened appearance of wrinkles formed by mimics in the forehead area.
  • Fillers are an ideal method for aging hands.

How is lip filling done?

Anesthetic cream is applied to the lips beforehand, when the cream takes effect within a few minutes, the patient will feel much less pain. After the physician decides on the application areas of the lip in line with the patient’s wishes, the procedure starts with a fine needle. The process only takes a few minutes.

Advantages of lip filling

It allows patients to have the lips in the volume and shape they want. It provides a much younger and healthier lip look as it also moisturizes the lips. It provides self-confidence to the patients by eliminating the problems caused by thin and asymmetrical lips. Lip filling is a method that provides the desired volume on the lips without risking the health of the patient in any way.

How long does the lip filling effect last?

Although it differs from person to person, it continues its effect for an average of 6 months to 1 year.