Ear plastic surgery can be performed after the age of 6 years, which is the process of completing the development of the ear cartilage. Especially in children, ear cartilage is characterized by softer stability and more successful results. In adulthood, the results of success are very high with appropriate technique.

The ear bucket is deformation of the ear structure forward and lateral. This problem arises from childhood and does not correct itself in any way without surgical intervention after this period. The structure of the ear shovel that causes psychological and childhood trauma is problematic in children is very simple to solve. The results are satisfactory socially, aesthetically and psychologically.

Surgery. Usually under local anesthesia, with an incision made behind the ear. Shovel ear surgery can be performed under general anesthesia by age and fear of the patient. Ear scoop aesthetics last for about 1 – 1.5 hours. Aesthetic shovel incision is made behind the ear because the effect is not clear. Pain after plastic surgery of the ear is usually minimal and can be prevented with painkillers.

Other ear problems that need to be corrected include the upper and lower ears of the ears, the tiny ears, the natural folds on the outer edge, and ear abnormalities where the lines disappear. In addition, procedures can be calculated for extremely large ear lobes, and for those who lost their ears after congenital or accident.