Such cases as breastfeeding and weight gain lead to increased breast size. Reducing and decreasing breast size solves this problem. Therefore, the only solution is that the treatment should be done as soon as possible, any preferred method of surgery ..

Although the growth of breast tissue is hereditary, it can be seen in some cases as a result of weight gain and childbirth. So there are solutions with aesthetic processes for breast reduction

Breast lift

Breast tissue consists of fat glands and milk. Therefore, the effect of gravity over time, birth, breastfeeding and frequent weight gain for sagging reasons and breast lifting process is mandatory.

Softening the breasts, sagging and feeling of emptiness makes the skin look bad. This negatively affects a woman’s self-confidence and causes many psychological effects. Further sagging, especially in women with large breasts, causes severe pain in the neck and lower back. Breast lift is preferred as a better solution to this situation

Breast reduction, which is one of the most common aesthetic processes for women, eliminates many problems. Breast reduction is not only aesthetically pleasing, it seriously increases the comfort of life and also makes a person comfortable and happy. Since breast size and retraction, especially neck and back pain, especially diaper rash, are unable to wear the desired clothing, excessive sweating and bra strap can cause many problems such as deformities

How to breast lift operation?

Sagging breast is when the nipple is at the level of the nipple fold line. There is sagging of the breast at this level and they are cured by surgery. Each breast lift is done by choosing different surgical techniques. Therefore, breast lift is a process that is determined according to the needs of the person and the structure of the breast.

Breast lift is often performed with silicone support. This method is one of the most preferred methods of erection, especially to restore small and weak breasts and fill breast tissue that has lost its size.

In cases where silicone prosthesis alone is not sufficient, excess tissues in the breast are cut off and the breast is recovered. In this way, the nozzle appears to be more alive and upright.