As with other cosmetic surgery, eyelid surgery is one of the procedures performed to prevent the appearance of signs of aging, fatigue or age due to genetic appearance.

Eyelid plastic surgery got its share of this development and has become one of the most preferred types of plastic surgery today with the technological and amazing development of medicine, aesthetic processes appear as a type of surgeries that can be used in almost every part of the body.

Eyelid surgery is intended to conduct many people, but they are afraid because their purpose is to apply them in a sensitive area. However, we can guarantee that this process is not scary but easy and convenient

Before eyelid surgery

Candidates who undergo this process must first prepare themselves for realistic results. Candidates should talk to their doctors before surgery in an agreed manner. During this surgery, it is often necessary to correct the suspended eyebrow applications, stretching the forehead and goose feet. Therefore, if there is any medication that the patient continuously uses before the operation, it should be stopped one week before the operation. A person’s sensitivity is also very important in terms of surgery. Therefore, detailed analyzes should be conducted on this topic

How to perform cosmetic eyelid surgery

Cosmetic surgery of the eyelid is performed under local anesthesia. Before surgery, the person is placed in a deep sleep. Skin pieces are provided under the eyelashes of the top cover to fit the fold of the cover for the purpose of hiding. If there is no excess, only the fill is corrected. In this case, the aesthetics of the cyst are made from the opening of the lower lid or the cyst removed from the eyelid. The duration of the operation ranged from two to two and a half hours for both eyes and one and a half hours for one eye.