It is a process performed to eliminate problems such as small jaw, incomplete fullness, delayed middle face or excessive length. Bone and advanced tissues can be cut to lengthen and shorten by removing excess bone tissue. In addition, a transplant can be placed in the jaw or fill fat. Procedures are usually performed under general anesthesia with an oral incision.

Who can do jaw surgery?

The jaw can be brought and retracted. The jaw tip or jaw surgery may be placed to eliminate bruising or bone disorders. Extremely long jaw can be retrieved by pulling the bones forward, or vice versa.

How is jaw plastic surgery performed?

The approach to be selected in aesthetic jaw surgery is determined by the content and dimensions of the problem. It is the easiest and most effective way to achieve reinforcement using implantation of the jaw in limited deficiencies in the front background, i.e. in the profile view, where the lower jaw is small and posterior

In these surgeries, which can be performed under local or general anesthesia, a jaw implant is inserted, which is suitable for the needs of the patient, through a small incision made under the jaw or orally and placed in the appropriate place and planned on the jawbone. After this operation, which takes less than one hour, a few days of bandage are sufficient and the positive effects of surgery on the facial aesthetic look immediately appear.