It is a surgery performed to eliminate problems such as small size in the chin, insufficient fullness, being behind the middle face or excessive length. The bone tissue can be cut and advanced, lengthening and forwarding, and shortening by removing the excess bone tissue in between. In addition, an implant can be placed in the jaw or fat filling can be applied. The procedures are mostly performed under general anesthesia and through an incision made through the mouth.

Who Can Have Chin Aesthetics?

The chin can be taken forward and retracted. The jaw tip can be rasped or jaw operations are performed to eliminate dents or bone discomfort. An excessively long jaw can be pulled back to the front, or vice versa, the bones can be brought forward.

How Is Chin Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

The approach to be chosen in jaw aesthetic surgeries is determined according to the content and dimensions of the problem. It is the easiest and most effective method to achieve augmentation by using a chin implant in the limited degree of deficiencies in the fore-and-aft area, that is, when the lower jaw is small and behind in the profile view.

In these surgeries, which can be performed under local or general anesthesia, the jaw implant, which is suitable for the needs of the patient, is inserted through a small incision made under the chin or inside the mouth and placed in the slot prepared in the appropriate place and plan on the jawbone. A few days of bandage application is sufficient after this surgery, which lasts less than an hour, and the positive effects of the surgery on the facial aesthetic appearance are immediately evident.

Jaw implant

It is applied to patients whose chin tip is behind. The jaw tip and side parts can be enlarged by using silicone or medpore prostheses that include only the tip or sides of the jaw with an incision through the mouth. A band is used for 4-5 days postoperatively and it is fed with soft food for a few weeks.

Filling or fat injection to the tip of the chin

In people who have hesitations about jaw implant surgery, temporary fillings or fat injection can be performed in office conditions with jaw tip augmentation. Among fillers, fillers containing hydroxyapatite, which have a relatively long melting time of 18-24 months, are preferred. Fat is taken from the person himself and given by injection from the tip of the chin. They are not permanent, most of the time, if the patients are satisfied, it is usually a trial step for permanent implant surgery.