Hair loss, which has become a frequently encountered problem in both men and women in recent years, causes a serious loss of self-confidence. In the face of this problem, hair transplantation is the first thing that comes to mind.

In the initial phase, complete loss of hair can be prevented by early detection. Necessary treatments can be made without letting the patient lose their hair entirely and hair transplantation comes first in these treatments. In this problem, where hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world suffer, there are many organizations that have achieved clinical success in our country. Especially our company Beauty Specialist continues its success with its unrivaled experience and customer satisfaction.

How did hair transplantation develop in medicine?

Hair transplantation was first started in 1952. It was carried out by Dr. Orentreich in America. In the 1980s, a new technique, “autograft technique”, was used in which motorized skin trepanes were used. However, the very long hours of the procedures with this technique have reduced the use of it

FUT (Folliculair unit transplantation) method, which is also a technique used today, was developed in the 1990s. In 2002, the new method called FUE, collection of hair follicles in micro grafts one by one, was introduced to medical lierature by Rassman and Bernstein at international symposia and congresses.

Things to Consider After Hair Transplantation

There are some important points to pay attention in order for this process to give a healthy and beautiful result. To get a fast and beautiful return after hair transplantation, extra care should be taken for at least 1 month. This process, which deals with many factors such as nutrition, sports, haircut, and lifestyle, is very important for having a successful hair transplantation.

The process after hair transplantation can divided into 3 periods according to importance. These periods continue as “first 3 days”, “first month” and “first 6 months and later”. Since the region, where the hair transplantation is done for the first 3 days, is very sensitive, it should be given extra importance to protect that area. Any carelessness may cause your hair follicles to be lost again.

In the first 1-month period, healing of the planted area may be seen. Crusting though may be left in the planting areas and you can eliminate it with regular lotion application and washing. During the first 6 months, the “shock loss” may continue for a period of 3 months, even if it usually occurs within the first month. Then, as new hair follicles form, acne-like blisters may appear around the roots.

Pricing in Turkey

Each transplanting process is subject to different charges according to the different techniques applied. The equipment used also determines the cost of the operation. Since Turkey is the most popular destination for this operation worldwide, the demand is also quite high.

Turkish citizens living in Germany want to have this operation especially in their country.

By contacting our Germany and Turkey offices, you can get detailed information free of charge and get your transplantation process from a professional and customer-centered company. We, Beauty Specialist, are one phone call away!

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