Beard transplantation is a clinical operation performed due to conditions such as rare or absent beard in individuals. Beard transplantation can be described as injecting these follicles into the missing areas of the face area by removing grafts from the nape roots, which is one of the areas where hair follicle can be removed in your body.

Beard transplantation has become extremely popular among male individuals especially with the beard extension fashion in recent years. Individuals suffering from this condition all over the world apply to the clinics in crowds.

General problems in people who need beard transplantation are: congenital scar in the facial area, sparse roots or having no beard roots at all. In short, all individuals who are not satisfied with their beard roots can apply to the clinic for beard transplantation.

Which Method Should I Choose For Beard Transplantation?

Today, FUE method is preferred firstly among beard transplantation methods. However, since the number of specialists who can perform this operation is few and the compliance of this method cannot be achieved in five out of 100 patients, FUT method can also be used. Whichever of these methods is suitable for you is determined only by the specialist doctor you are examined.

Healing Process After Beard Transplantation

Crust, redness and edema may occur in your facial area within the first three days after the beard transplantation operation. Crusts can be cleaned with the first washing process after three days. Shock spilling can occur in the beard roots in a period of two to four weeks.

In case of a spill, redness and edema on your face will disappear. Afterwards, beards begin to grow again in a period of two weeks. The only thing the patient needs to do after the shock spill is to wait for the beards to come out and protect the roots to prevent any trauma.

How Much Should I Pay For a Beard Transplantation?

It varies according to the amount of beard root to be planted. The specialization of the doctor who will perform the operation, the expert staff and the level of intensity are also effective in pricing. The most important factor in pricing beard transplantation though, is the amount of beard root to be planted. However, a clear amount cannot be given about this amount without our doctor examining you. Beard roots used during planting may differ from person to person. For detailed information, you can contact our company Beauty Specialist.

Will There Be Any Trace or Scar After Beard Transplantation?

The processes used in beard transplantation operations have been carefully developed to prevent any traces on the face. Conditions such as bruises, rashes, swellings and crusts that occur after the procedures never cause permanent scars.

When and How To Shave After Beard Transplantation?

Before the beard transplant operation, the beards must be cut in order to clearly see the area where the beard will be planted. This beard cutting process is not a smooth cutting form. On the contrary, a stubble should be worn in order to see the beard roots more clearly.

It is strictly forbidden to shave the area with a razor until the event we mentioned as shock spilling after the beard transplant operation occurs. It is necessary to shave the area only with the help of a shaver and always leave a beard. For four to six months, it is not permitted to shave with a razor

In order to get more detailed information about this whole process, you can contact our company Beauty Specialist, one of the most experienced and customer-satisfied company in the field of hair and beard transplantation.

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