How does Hair Loss Happen and How is it Treated?

Hair Loss

In this article, we wiil be looking for the answer to the question of how hair loss is experienced. When we talk about the physical properties in the human body, one of our organs that primarily draws attention is our hair. Therefore, we have to pay close attention to the health of our hair, just as we take care of the health of our internal organs.

Hair Transplantation

The hair transplantation process takes place briefly, with the samples taken from the non-lost hair groups and then transplanted during a clinical operation to the areas where renewed hair growth is desired. It is a simple and practical operation, so you don’t need to worry about it. The main purpose is to make people look like they have their natural hair again.

Who needs hair transplantation?

Most of the time, our patients who perform this procedure are male people aged 50 and over. The main reason for this is that the discomfort referred to as male hair loss begins at a young age and leads to the loss of all hair if the hair comb is not interfered with in the following years, is largely genetic and shows up well in advanced age. As above mentioned, hair loss generally occurs in men, but it should not be forgotten that in recent years a certain amount of women have also experienced hair openings and even hair loss.

How is Hair Loss experienced?

One of the main reasons for hair loss is genetic factors. Unfortunately, this means that if you have family elders with baldness problems, this situation can occur.

Genetic Factors

Furthermore, hair loss does not only occur due to genetic factors. In addition to genetic factors, many factors such as a stressful working life and traumatic events affect your hair loss. Regardless of these reasons, your hair transplant can be successfully used if you have enough hair follicles for a hair transplant.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Globally speaking, Turkey has gained quite a respectable popularity in the area of hair transplantation. Consequently it has become the country with the most hair transplantation operations and also the most succesful country doing it in the entire world. Thus, it has become the favorite spot of not only Turkish citizens but also people from all over the world.

How is Hair Transplantation Operation Performed?

Hair transplant operation is a procedure that takes place with the roots partially removed from the areas where the hair does not shed and remain bushy, such as the back of the neck and behind the ears, and that it is planted meticulously in the areas where hair loss has been experienced. The biggest difference from wigs or gluing is that your hair grows spontaneously after planting, just like it was in its old form.

Methods of hair transplantation

Two systems are used in hair transplant processes, the trace-free and the conventional. One of these systems is the FUE transplant method. In order to use the trace-free FUE method, people must have healthy hair on the neck or on the ears.

FUE Method

With the FUE method, the roots of healthy hair are injected into areas that do not have individual roots. With the other method that unfortunately leaves a trace, a skin line must be determined first, which is hair from the neck, and this leaves a permanent mark on the scalp, which is why it is not preferd by our company.


In addition to all of these factors, factors such as hair balance, hair color, and hair stiffness are very important, in addition to healthy hair follicles in hair transplant processes. Hair transplantation is not only used for people with baldness, but also for people with thinned hair. It can be ensured that the hair becomes a fuller, denser state through the transplant processes performed on thinned hair.


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