Most men who want to have beard transplantation worry about the Process After Beard Transplantation and are afraid to undergo operation. However, this process can be overcome quickly in professional hands and with the right methods without harming your social life.

What is Beard Transplantation?

There are medical advances that can be applied against the problems of beard deficiency or absence of beard that are common and extremely annoying among men. Just like hair transplantation applied against baldness problems, beard transplantation is the most realistic and permanent medical intervention that men can prefer in beard deficiencies or complete beard losses.

How is Beard Transplantation Performed?

Individuals who know hair transplantation will not have difficulty understanding the basic logic of beard transplantation, in other words, beard transplantation is actually based on the basic principles of hair transplantation.

For beard transplantation, firstly hair roots are taken from the neck of the individual. Just like hair transplantation, healthy roots are injected and applied to the areas where the beard is missing or less common. Since the grafting process is carried out carefully in this application, it does not leave any scar or formation on the face.

Process Before Beard Transplantation

Before the beard transplantation, an examination is made according to the beard condition of the person. Although the basic principle is similar, beard transplantation is not identical with hair transplantation. Before the beard transplantation application, detailed analysis procedures are carried out, then beard root calculations are performed according to the needs of each individual.

Beard Roots

The number of beard roots that every male individual needs is not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to work diligently for each person. To give an example of the number of beard roots, the beard root needed by a completely beardless person according to the density of the beard varies between 1500 and 3000 grafts.

Beard Root Calculation

The number of roots required for this operation varying from patient to patient should be adjusted according to each individual. For this reason, it is necessary to carefully examine and calculate according to the regions such as beard, hair, eyebrow and mustache to be transplanted.

As fort he average numers, the amount of beard root required for the beard model called “goatee beard” varies between 600-700 roots, and the number of roots required for mustache varies between 350 and 500 roots.

Process After Beard Transplantation

After the beard transplantation process is completed, bleeding occurs in the transplanted area. In order for the newly planted roots to adapt to the body, it is necessary to provide blood flow, therefore, the mentioned bloodings can be seen around the planted area until a period of 1-2 weeks. There is no need to panic, as these bleeding will disappear in about 2 weeks. Another point to be mentioned is that acne formations can be seen for a while along with bleeding. Of course, these formations will disappear on their own after a short time too.

Beard Shaving

Since the transplanted hairs are kind of soft hairs, with regular beard shaving after beard transformation, these soft tissue will turn into hard beard hairs over time.

As BeautySpecialist, we are always with you with our free consultation and support service in the developments after beard transplantation just like we do with hair transplantation.

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