It is a group of aesthetic areas that has become very popular with people in recent years. The first thing that comes to mind in terms of body aesthetics is the surgical procedures that are performed to capture the areas of flabby, deformed, cracked areas in the human body using aesthetic surgery and to give them a new, more beautiful appearance achieve.

Body Aesthetics

There are certain regions and procedures in the field of body aesthetics. These areas and processes are as follows: liposuction, breast aesthetics, hand aesthetics, body contour surgery, ankle aesthetics, navel aesthetics, butt aesthetics, thigh stretching, arm stretching, endoscopic abdominal stretching and general abdominal stretching surgery. In this article we will recognize these areas individually and briefly talk about their processes.

What is breast aesthetics?

It is the surgical method that is often preferred in women nowadays. In the aesthetic world, breast aesthetics has a completely different place from past to present. Breast aesthetics, which is a very popular topic for women, is an operation that is generally used when women want to have a rounded and upright breast. Breast sizes can be different in women. Some women’s breasts are large and plump, and some women can be very small. For this reason, the aesthetic area that women are most interested in and demanding is breast aesthetics.

What is Abdominal Tension Aesthetics?

When the abdomen is stretched (tummy tuck), excess fat is removed from the middle and lower abdomen, the sagging skin is fixed and the abdominal muscles are strengthened. With the tummy tuck process, you can remove sagging skin and excess fat that has built up in the abdomen. Abdominal stretching surgery can be performed simultaneously with breast surgery and liposuction.

What is butt aesthetics?

The butt area is one of the most famous limbs in the female body and it is the region where women want to look the most beautiful in their body. In the butt aesthetics, the desired butt can be made in a way that corresponds to the body structure of women.

Ideal Look

It may not be enough just to work on the hips to get the ideal look of the butt. Therefore, touches of waist-butt transitions, hips, legs and even the abdomen can be made. It should be noted that each area is touched equally in order to achieve the ideal ratio.

What is butt lifting?

With rapid and excessive weight gain, sagging and deformation can occur in the buttocks area. So it is the process of steep sagging in the hip area. If necessary, the filling can be applied to achieve the desired level of steepness and fullness. The butt is lifted under general anesthesia. A one-night hospital stay is required. The sutures are removed at the end of week 2.

After Operation

You have the option to return to normal life 15 days after the operation. It is forbidden to do heavy sports for 45 days. After 30 days, mild sports such as walking and jogging can be started. The seams that remain after the butt-lifting process do not cause you any problems, they are no longer a permanent scar if they fade over time.

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