As years go by, the fatigue of years returns to our skin as wrinkles. Of course, this situation negatively affects both the self-confidence and mental state of the person over time. When we do not feel good, our quality of life decreases. As we get older, the lines and wrinkles on the skin gradually increase and although this situation varies from person to person, it bothers people. At this very moment, botox appears as a solution to this situation. Botox, which almost all of us have come across in a part of our lives and the subject of which has been passed, contains many details in its content. Most of the time, we have compiled the most accurate information about botox, which is often encountered with well-known mistakes. Botox appears as an abbreviated form of the word botulinum toxin. Botox, which appears as a type of protein created with bacterial extract, has the feature of being the strongest and most known neurotoxin.

This substance, which is known to have been used as a poison in ancient times, is now used as a treatment for many diseases. Today, with the aesthetics becoming more and more widespread, its benefits in terms of aesthetics are also emerging. From time to time, facial muscles that contract for various reasons return as wrinkles over the years. Just at this time, Botox prevents the substance called acetylcholine, which provides this cycle during contraction, from working, thus eliminating the wrinkled appearance on the face. This process, which takes place in a short time, provides a very impressive appearance by defiantly eliminating wrinkles and old skin appearance. Although the effect of this method varies from person to person, its effect changes within an average of 4 or 6 months. You can review the rest of our article to find answers to many questions that puzzle those who want to have the Botox procedure.

What is Botox?

With the increase in wrinkles with the advancement of age, these wrinkles disturb us and it is only a matter of time before we ask the question "What is Botox?". Of course, there are many curious details about botox, which appears as a solution to some health problems. Botox, which appears as an abbreviated form of the word botulinum toxin, is known as a type of protein created specific to bacteria. This protein also has many types within itself. Botox, which has the feature of being the most powerful neurotoxin, has been increasingly used in the field of aesthetics in recent years. However, the details about botox are also very curious and researched.

This substance, which is known to have been used as a poison in ancient times, is still used as a treatment for many diseases today. Botox; It appears as the most reliable and easiest method of eliminating wrinkles and lines on the face. This process, which acts only on the area where it is injected, prevents the release of substances that provide conduction in the nerve endings. Therefore, it does not systematically affect all muscles.

How is Botox Applied?

How is Botox applied? Before answering the question, it is very important for what and which area will be treated. For example, if a restriction in the movements of facial expressions and muscles is desired, Botox is applied by injection into the mimic muscles. If you want to reduce the sweating complaint, the application is performed by injection into the skin. This procedure will be a very short procedure and there is no pain. The average application time varies between 10 – 15 minutes. In this process, which is carried out to get rid of the wrinkles that cause you discomfort over time for a while, the wrinkles that cause you discomfort are reduced or completely disappear due to the weakening of the movements of the muscles.

Botox Application Areas

These wrinkles that form on the face over time make our face look much more angry, tired and old. Botox procedure, which is applied by those who are uncomfortable with this situation, gives results in the shortest time and painlessly. Botox application areas, which many people who are curious about this process, vary according to your intended use. Below we have listed the botox application areas for you in detail.

  • The most preferred botox application areas are wrinkles. It is applied on crow's feet lines around the eyes that expose a tired or old appearance.
  • Likewise, it is highly preferred for wrinkles in the forehead area that create an angry and old appearance.
  • It is also applied between the two eyebrows that cause the appearance of frowning eyebrows and make your expression angry.
  • Botox procedure is also applied in low eyebrow or low eyelid procedures.
  • It is preferred to remove the lines on or around the lips, as well as the excessive appearance of the upper teeth or gums while laughing.
  • In addition to aesthetics, botox procedure is also applied in excessive sweating problem. Sweating can be prevented for up to 6 months by applying Botox treatment to armpit, foot or hand sweating.
  • Botox application areas include the décolleté area and neck wrinkles.
  • Botox procedure is applied as a solution for some laughing defects and symmetry disorders.
  • Botox procedure is also performed for wrinkles around the lips or lifting the corners of the lips.

Is Botox Temporary?

One of the most curious questions of those who want to apply Botox is whether Botox is temporary? Botox procedure is not a permanent treatment method. One of the most important reasons for this is that botox, which is a toxic substance, creates negative effects as a result of overdose. Therefore, the most appropriate dose is used to stay out of this harm. This dose usually lasts up to 6 months. For those who want a permanent result, the dose should be repeated continuously as the effect wears off.

What should be considered after Botox application?

In order to complete the botox procedure in the healthiest way, you should know what to pay attention to after botox application and take care to apply it. Because in the botox procedure, since injection is performed in a certain area, any movement affecting that area may cause you to encounter undesirable results. It is necessary to be as careful as possible on the day of the Botox procedure. The patient should not lean forward for the distribution to the muscles in the area where the procedure is applied and should pay attention to the sleeping position on the first day. They should definitely not sleep face down. In particular, you should not lie down for 2 hours after the procedure. Likewise, water should not be applied to the treated area during the day of the procedure and no skin care and cleaning should be performed. If possible, it is not recommended to take a shower and apply makeup for 24 hours. For a few days after the procedure, you should be extra careful with every movement you make on your face. On the day you apply Botox, you should not rub your face and it is recommended not to go to the hairdresser, sports and sauna. After 24 hours, you should take care to apply make-up and skin cleansing on your face with soft touches.


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